Simulation software

ANSYS portfolio covers any type of simulation. As an official channel partner, SKEUT can provide the customer with all of ANSYS solutions.


All customers have their specific needs and for this reason the trainings should be adapted to the customer. SKEUT offers a variety of standard and customized trainings.

Technical support

SKEUT gives all the support the simulation engineers need to do their job – and do it right!

Who  are we?

SKEUT was created with the objective to provide Portuguese companies with the best simulation solutions. This will allow the development of better products in a shorter product development time, thus bringing more competitiveness and excellency to the Portuguese market.

At SKEUT you find a multidisciplinary team that distinguishes itself by its rigor and dynamics. SKEUT’s experts are highly educated and experienced in fluid and mechanical simulation projects in a wide range of applications. Through a serious-minded and empathic approach, SKEUT aims to bring innovation and easy collaboration to each project.

Accuracy and Robustness

One platform, many possibilities

Engineering simulation is ANSYS’ sole focus and ANSYS has been consistently pushing this technology forward for more than 45 years.
Customers from all over the world trust ANSYS for its advanced multiphysics platform, robustness and accuracy.

Blog & News

Toilet simulation, how cool is this?

Flush with Innovation As a global leader in bathroom products, Roca faces a significant engineering challenge: It must make incremental design changes to a mature product line to meet evolving consumer needs and new regulatory requirements. The company relies on simulation to accelerate these ongoing…

Release ANSYS 2019 R3

As fully autonomous vehicles (AVs) edge closer to real-world deployment — on land and in the air — operating safety becomes more critical. AVs require rigorous testing in complex environments, under variable conditions. Physical testing would require billions of miles of driving or flying —…

Prototipagem Virtual

Prototipagem Virtual O processo de prototipagem real O processo de prototipagem permite a concretização de uma ideia num objeto físico. Após o fabrico do protótipo faz-se uma verificação, através de testes, para se concluir se cumpre com o objetivo e com os requisitos definidos à...

Wrap Meshing para geometria complexa

Wrap Meshing para geometria complexa O processo de malha em CFD é cada vez mais simples. Durante este ano, a ANSYS implementou um novo workflow em Fluent meshing que acelera até 70% o processo de malha em geometrias complexas. Saiba mais em: