About us

We know that a simulation project needs to give us answers.

At SKEUT, we improve the product performance by driving engineering teams to succeed in each project.
We rely on the best professionals and the greatest simulation network to address the most demanding challenges. Consequently, we know that, no matter which your struggles are, we will be able to help you.

Mission statement

To provide the Portuguese companies with the best simulation solutions

Core values


The simulation you can trust

Empathy & Collaboration

We share our knowledge; we listen hard to understand each business and we find the ideal solution to each project


We do not intend to solely simulate. Our ultimate goal is to bring innovation to each project

Sales team

Beatriz Bastos

our CEO

We have the ambition of boosting the growth of companies not only by selling a software but also by combining that with the correct approach and methodologies, within a long-term and collaborative relationship with our customers.

Now, more than ever, investing in simulation software has to be a business priority. It will allow companies not only to carry out more complex projects with greater accuracy and confidence, but also to position themselves one step ahead, leading the market, with innovative products.
This is what we believe in. This is our daily challenge

Pedro Silva

our Sales Manager

Pedro has a huge professional experience, in result of his professional career through several departments in the companies where he has been collaborating, with greater focus in the IT area.

In his continuous search for knowledge and growth, he chose to integrate Skeut, discovering a truly dynamic and motivating team!
Fascinated by good music, travelling and good food, versatility is part of his essence and new challenges do not frighten him.




Technical team




Sofia Ribeiro

Especialista de fluídos

Sofia is an enthusiastic Aerospace Engineer specialized in aerodynamics by the Delft University of Technology, in the Netherlands.

After working in some demanding industries such as photolithography and motorsport, Sofia now works in SKEUT with the ambition of turning the Portuguese market more competitive through innovation. She looks forward to teaching what she knows and to implementing the best simulation solutions.

Duarte Vasconcelos

Especialista de estruturas

Duarte has a Physics degree, being specialized in Materials Science.

With over more than 10 years of experience in training, support and consulting in Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) solutions and in all of the major types of industries, he can help you, the customer, to develop your business.
He truly believes that implementing Computer-aided Engineering (CAE) during the early stages of design is the only way to create the best product and be ahead of the competition.