On November 19, 2019, Autodesk and ANSYS announce a partnership that enables seamless interoperability between ANSYS and Autodesk products to drive revolutionary engineering agility. A collaboration with Autodesk Fusion 360, integrated design and manufacturing software, with world-class ANSYS Mechanical simulation solutions.

Engineers using Fusion 360 automatically get their results available from ANSYS Mechanical for further refinement and validation. This open system workflow improves the efficiency of manual processes and can be combined for new automated processes such as generator design, acceleration or time to market and allowing multiple engineering teams to work together effortlessly.

This change in business manufacturing processes will eliminate barriers between designers and analysts to simplify product development, improving efficiency, lowering costs, accelerating innovation and accelerating production.

This new announcement builds on a previously announced relationship with Autodesk and ANSYS to create an automotive-connected workflow that combines Autodesk’s 3D response and VRED virtual prototyping software with ANSYS custom physical testing simulation solutions. . This enables builders to enhance ultra-realistic interior and exterior views of vehicles with highly accurate lighting simulation – improving visual design overhaul.

Autodesk Vice President Greg Fallon “As designers use Fusion 360, their results are rendered with advanced interoperable simulation solutions from ANSYS. This new way of distributing synergistic resources into the designer workflow for analysts push the boundaries of the customer manufacturing process – driving next-generation product innovation. ”

For Shane Emswiler, Vice President of ANSYS. “This partnership with Autodesk dramatically improves work movements between our tools for beneficiaries of our common customers. We look forward to helping designers and analysts deliver improved product performance, increase efficiency and increase sustainability.”