DISRUPTION is the discontinuation of a conventional idea or process. Cinema, taxi and streaming music have been around for a long time. Netflix, Uber and Spotify are good examples of breaking with the old, offering us new options. It is doing more or better with less, reinventing yourself, surprising in relation to what existed.

The very nature of technology, increasingly accessible to every human, almost allows anyone to create something different. Startups can create completely disruptive ways to solve problems by turning current services or products into “things of the past.”

Many companies are losing ground by not preparing themselfs with the best tools for this challenge.

With ANSYS, innovation and optimization processes can be dramatically accelerated, cutting back on past and always-done logic.

We are confident that next year Portuguese companies will be alert and focused on doing more and better with less waste of time and resources.

At SKEUT you will find the right partner to help you or your business walk this disruptive and highly innovative path.