Which Services do we have?

We offer all the services that are required to do trustworthy simulations in-house.

This is the type of simulations that allows the Portuguese companies to have tangible wins.


Simulation Software

ANSYS offers a vast software suite which virtually spans any type of simulation that a process might require. These include, for example, fluids, structural, electromagnetics, multiphysics and optics analyses; in industries such as: aerospace, automotive, electronics, energy, materials and manufacturing, chemical process, turbomachinery, biomedicine and sports, among many others.
With more than 40 000 customers all over the world, including 96 of the top 100 industrial companies on the FORTUNE 500’s list, ANSYS is recognized as the computational simulation software leader. As such, SKEUT believes that ANSYS is the best simulation solution for the most demanding customer.


By providing ANSYS software suite, it is SKEUT’s objective to serve the Portuguese companies which are committed to constant improvement and innovation. This will allow the development of better products in a shorter design cycle, thus bringing more competitiveness and excellence to our market.



The learning of a new software does not need to be difficult. So that you can learn what you need, SKEUT offers a variety of trainings, standard and customized, that covers the details of any type of fluid (CFD) and mechanical (FEA) simulations. These trainings can be lectured online, in our facilities, in the client’s facilities, or others of your choice.


Technical support

Withdraw the full potential of simulation

At SKEUT you find a multi-disciplined team that distinguishes itself by its rigor and dynamics.

You can count on SKEUT for the needed assistance in the installation and in the operation of ANSYS software. For that end, it is available a support line that is accessible by phone, e-mail and web-conference. We can also plan visits to your company in order to improve the usage of the ANSYS software taking into account the reality of your products, and solving any issue in a direct way.

We also offer a customized technical support for pilot-projects, where the solution strategy is structured directly with the client. This way, the learning and implementation times are minimized, and the client is able to withdraw the full potential of the simulation process.